Destin Gulf Shore Drive Condominium Market Update

Tibor Pollak

Dear Neighbor,

I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself and offer valuable market Information in this Anchor’s The Way newsletter. You should receive it every month as of courtesy of Anchor Realty Florida. It analyzes the real estate market and delivers local data-driven real estate news and trends. It will also occasionally reference investment opportunities.

The first issue of Anchor’s The Way was published over two decades ago, and concentrated primarily on Saint George Island and Apalachicola, FL. As years passed, it expanded to Mexico Beach, Panama City Beach, Highway 30A (Walton County) and Miramar Beach – each issue being market-specific.

I am happy to announce our further expansion to Destin and the surrounding area.

Anchor Realty Florida was established in 1962, making us one of the longest standing real estate firm in NW Florida. Olivier Monod, our President and broker, has lead our company for over 31 years.

Ask yourself this question: ‘Do you know many brokers that have over 3 decades of experience, operating in the same region?’ Not many!

My name is Tibor Pollak. I am a licensed real estate associate specializing on Gulf Shore Drive. I would like to extend my services to you…

As a Realtor, I am very familiar with Holiday Isle and the surrounding area. I have completed many sales in the vicinity of your property and feel certain that I can help you accomplish your goals regarding your property as well.

I know how to listen and translate your desires into reality.

In 2021, on Gulf Shore Drive alone, I successfully closed 12 transactions; I represented both buyers and sellers; and sold over $5 Million.

Selling or buying real estate is one of the most important financial decisions you can make.

There are key ingredients in devising a strategy that will help ensure that you receive the full financial potential available to you through the sale of your property. In addition, the same well-planned strategy can minimize the amount of time your home remains on the market. Your foremost decision resides in the choice of the right realtor and brokerage.

Trends influencing our market are crucial to watch and monitor. For the Gulf Shore Drive area, one relevant variable is the monthly number of new real estate listings. The graph below displays the 5-year history of new listings:

Destin Gulf Shore Drive Condominium Market Update

As you can see, Condominium listings increase during spring and summer months (higher demand), and then tend to level out and decrease in the fall and winter. For a buyer, it is beneficial to wait until June or July to make an offer on a property. For a seller, the best time is to be ‘on the market’ is early spring.

We looked at the number of new listings. Now let’s focus on the average listing prices. The graph below underscores the steady increase in median sales prices, especially over the last year.

Destin Gulf Shore Drive Condominium Market Update

Nationwide, there were twice as many condos sold in May 2021 as there were in May 2020, according to a® analysis of home sales data. When most of the country locked down in spring 2020, folks in colder, higher-tax regions of the U.S., seized the opportunity to move south to Florida. After all, a sunny state with no income tax, lower home prices, and plenty of room to “social distance” on the beach sounds far better than cold winters locked up in snow. Right?

Tibor Pollak

Tibor Pollak, Realtor

Tibor is our “European connection”. He obtained his degree in Business Enterprise in 2004 from the University of Commerce in Slovakia. He completed an internship in the United States; during that time, he discovered the Beauty of the Emerald Coast.… Read more about Tibor

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